Each state is made up of counties that divide individual national territories into smaller, more manageable divisions. Many people are not aware of which county they reside in or how their residency may affect them. County lines dictate many different details regarding your rights, privileges and limitations in local government. The county in which you live in plays a role in which public schools children may attend, as well as which universities adult have special discounts to. Local governments are set up for the county branches to be the smallest and most in touch with residents.

This is the reason we have decided to make county maps readily available. If you are planning a move with your family, you will want to look for the best school systems before searching for a house. With a county map you will be able to narrow your search for housing, government and schooling. Our county maps are aimed to educate and assist you in making decisions regarding residency and local government. By knowing which county you live in and where your nearest county begins, you are able to make informed decisions.